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2013-2014 Keys (Assigned on May 5th)





2014-2015 Keys ( Assigned on May 12th)






2015-2016 Keys



Just a few updates and reminders:

1.  If you are staying at the Residence Inn, Wayne NJ, they will start
serving their complementary breakfast at 6:00 AM on Saturday.

2.  The computers you bring must have a working USB port.  Students must
read sample and test data from a flash drive ACSL will supply.  Junior teams
use 2 computers.  Intermediate 3 and Senior 3 teams use just 1 computer.
Intermediate 5 and Senior 5 teams use 3 computers.  No other computers are
allowed in the testing areas.

3.  Students should have paper and writing implements when they get to the
school’s auditorium on Saturday morning.  After we distribute test
materials, the students will be sent directly to their assigned test area.

4.  Students need pencils for the afternoon testing.  They will use a mark
sense form (Scantron) to record their multiple-choice answers.  The forms
only work with pencils.

5.  The students who take the programming test in the morning must be the
same students who take the afternoon test.  We will use a hand stamp this
year to ensure that rule is followed.  

6.  Cell phones and other devices that can connect to the internet are not
allowed in the testing areas.

Have a safe trip to the contest and good luck.













The All-Star Contest Rules, Procedures and Time Schedule are attached.

Here are some important reminders;

1.  Teams must provide their own computers.  The computer(s) must have a
working USB port.  Senior 5 and Intermediate 5 teams use 3 computers.
Junior 5 teams use 2 computers.  Senior 3 and Intermediate 3 teams use just
1 computer.

2.  Cell phones are prohibited.  If a student is seen with a cell phone in a
test area, then that team will be disqualified.

3.  Teams need to provide their own pencils and paper for the morning
programming test.  The pencils will be needed again for the afternoon

4.  Students are not required to attend the registration session on Friday
evening.  The only reason for students to attend is to locate their testing
areas.  If a team does not register on Friday, registration will continue
Saturday morning.

5.  Some 3-person teams will do their programming on Saturday morning in a
media center setting rather than in a classroom.  There just aren’t enough
rooms.  Teams will be selected on a random basis by the host school.  ACSL
staff is not involved in the assigning of rooms.

6.  Again this year all sample and test data must be read from flash drives
containing a text file for each program.  Files will be labeled
as1-sample.txt, as2-sample.txt, …etc.  Students must change the file name
in their code from ‘sample’ to ‘test’ prior to the execution of the program
from the flash drive provided by the proctor.  Those file names will be
as1-test.txt, as2-test.txt, …etc.  Data entry from a keyboard will not be

7.  The 3 or 5 students who do the morning programming test must be the same
3 or 5 students who take the afternoon tests.  This year we plan to use hand

8.  The hardest part of the contest from a logistics point of view is the
scoring of the programs.  There is not a one-to-one correspondence between
teams and advisors since a single advisor may bring multiple teams.  Please
help with the scoring.  If you bring other teachers and parents, they are
welcome to help with the scoring.

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