Language Arts help available for elementary, middle and high school students. English help includes but is not limited to

• Writing(persuasive, essay prompt, interrogative, etc)
• Reading Comprehension
• Grammar
• Vocabulary
• Spelling
• PSAT/SAT English

New sessions will be starting this fall. Please contact for the course you are interested in.

SAT Essay Class
This class focuses specifically on the essay portion of the SAT. Students will be taught how to comprehend the passages, analyze the arguments presented, critique the writing of the author, and prepare an essay based on the specifications of the new SAT essay format.

PSAT/SAT Prep Class
This class teaches students techniques to score high in the reading and writing/language portions of the SAT. This includes advancing in reading comprehension, vocabulary and analysis skills. This class does NOT teach about the essay portion of the SAT

AOS Prep Class (1st cut)
This class focuses on the areas of the AOS test for the 1st cut. This includes sentence errors, sentence corrections, reading comprehension, and the PSAT.

TJ Prep Class (1st cut)
This class prepares students for the 1st cut of the TJ exam. This includes reading comprehension, scrambled paragraphs and logical reasoning.

AOS / TJ Writing Class (2nd cut)
This class focuses on the 2nd cut of the AOS / TJ exams. This includes both the persuasive essay and the Student Information Sheet (SIS) questions.

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