Welcome to Math Kangaroo 2022


  • Competition date: Since it is online, we will have only one session on Thursday, March 17th.
  • Competition time: 7:00 pm (ONLINE)
  • This year, MK wants the test to be proctored so please go through the list below to have a better understanding of the test.
  • Each student will have exactly 75 minutes to complete the test. 


  • Each student will receive the login and password by email the day before or the morning of their test and they should have it handy for the competition time, but not click on it or start the test. As always, do not forget to check “spam” folders for this critical email.
  • Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88577796748?pwd=c3hnZzZCRGJwdXExVURyRitNZEhjZz09     Passcode: 862325
  • All students should log into ZOOM 15 minutes before the test. Their name should be clearly written on the screen.
  • Cameras MUST be on but the audio off.  NO CONTESTANT CAN BE WITHOUT CAMERA.
  • Rules: independent test solving/answering, no calculators, no walking away from the computer. 
  • If someone needs help – please send a chat message.
  • Students will have 75 minutes to finish the test. Some may finish earlier. 

Math Kangaroo 2022 – General Guidelines

    • Your child will take the MK test at home
    • The test will be on his/her computer/laptop; access to the Internet is necessary 
  • No calculators, smart phones or any other devices are allowed during the test
  • Students can have pencils, scratch paper and erasers
  • Competition starts on March 17th, at 7:00 pm.
  • Please join the 15 minutes earlier 
  • Once the test starts it will stop after 75 minutes
  • The test has a multiple choice format with 24 questions for students in grades 1-4, and 30 questions for higher grades. For the wrong answer or no answer there are 0 points
  • There will be a separate email from Math Kangaroo with your child’s login and password information sent the evening /night prior the test day
  • Free sample questions and more resources are on our Practice page
  • Math Kangaroo offers FREE online practice tests: Free 1-2 Test Free 3-4 Test Free 5-6 Test Free 7-8 Test Free 9-10 Test Free 11-12 Test.
  • Free video solutions and discounted PDFs are in your account. Guidelines HERE.
  • The correct answers will be posted on the Math Kangaroo webpage:  

http://www.mathkangaroo.org one month and one day after the day of the competition. Information on the winners and the results will be announced in May.

  • Besides MK competition there is a poster contest for students and adults to promote MK competition in 2023: MK poster promoting MK 2023. Two grand prizes – $200 for the poster and $100 for the T-shirt design chosen out of the posters!