Math Kangaroo 2021

Contest Date: Thursday, March 18th-April 28th, 2021 (Online)

Dear Parents,

Your child is among 30,000 Math Kangaroo 2021 participants in the USA and several million participants worldwide. I am glad you have chosen to participate!

Math Kangaroo Testing schedule for Online Students will last 7 days for each grade, starting on Thursday of one week and ending on Wednesday of the following week:

 March 18-24 – Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

  • March 25-31 – Grade 6
  • April 1-7 – Grade 5
  • April 8-14 – Grade 4
  • April 15-21 – Grade 3
  • April 22-28 – Grades 1 and 2

 Math Kangaroo will send the Login and Password for each online student to the email address used at registration, one day before, or the morning of, the first assigned test day. Make sure you check your email a day before or a morning of the assigned test time.

Math Kangaroo 2021 Competition Center Info

  • Center Name: Enrich and Excel
  • Address: N/A – you take the test at home 
  • Manager: Renu Batheja
  • E-mail:  
  • Competition time: See above dates for specific grades

Math Kangaroo 2021 – General Guidelines

  • Your child will take a 75-minute online test at home.
  • We ask all the parents/caregivers to be a proctor for your child. Feel free to help with the technology but not the content of the test. Students are not allowed to use a calculator and before they start the test they will acknowledge the following Math Kangaroo Honor Code: I, a Math Kangaroo registered student, affirm that I will not use or ask for help in solving this Math Kangaroo exam, and that all work and answers provided will be my own. I will not use a calculator or any other printed or electronic resources. The test has to be taken in one sitting without breaks. There will be a timer visible on the screen to help with the test time management.
  • The test has a multiple choice format with 24 questions for students in grades 1-4, and 30 questions for higher grades. For wrong answer or no answer there are 0 points.
  • After completing the test, students will be given a general score (out of 96 or 120 points), without the information about which questions they missed.
  • There is still some time left to study. Take advantage of MK material: Free MK Sample Questions, Free MK Solutions Videos (the 100% off code is in your MK account), MK Books and Practice Tests. Here: How to find Promo Codes for MK study material.
  • Feel free to share photos with me of the electronic test taking – I would love to see it. If you give me permission I could share them with the MK team to be posted on the MK website or the social media.
  • The correct answers will be posted on MK web page: http://www.mathkangaroo.orgafter May 18 (the exact day TBA). Information on the winners and the results will be announced by June 1.
  • IMPORTANT: I would like to meet with you some time to distribute Math Kangaroo items for your children. Math Kangaroo gifted each participating child with a Math Kangaroo 2021 T-shirt, a pencil, a little rubber kangaroo and a postcard. All the items will be distributed after our online Award Ceremony (Date TBA)

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to the 24th Math Kangaroo Competition experience to share with you!


Renu Batheja

MK Manager of  Enrich and Excel